GOOD Vision Unveils K-Shape™: A Revolutionary Corneal Topographer at The International Exhibition of Inventions of Geneva

(Adnkronos) – HONG KONG SAR – Media OutReach Newswire – 15 April 2024 – GOOD Vision Technologies Co., Limited, a Group in Ophthalmic Optics & Diagnostics, is introducing a game-changing corneal topography solution designed for use in patients as young as 4 years old at the International Exhibition of Inventions of Geneva. Supported by Hong Kong Science and Technology Parks Corporation's Incu-Bio Programme, a platform that supports the growth and development of biomedical tech start-ups in Hong Kong, GOOD Vision has developed a novel corneal topographer that aims to empower eye care practitioners with an efficient, accurate, and personalised option to enhance patient care. This development aligns closely with the World Health Organization's 2030 targets for effective eye care coverage, addressing critical gaps in diagnosing and treating refractive errors. Astigmatism affects a substantial portion of the population, with a global prevalence of 40.4% in adults and 14.9% in children. Furthermore, there was a notable 1.5-fold increase in astigmatism cases in Hong Kong during the COVID lockdown, underscoring the critical need for advanced diagnostic tools such as GOOD Vision's corneal topographer – K-ShapeTM. The innovative topographer outperforms existing devices with its flexibility, compact size, utilisation of normative data from Chinese populations, and affordability. By investigating subtle topographic changes on the cornea's front surface, the device allows for early diagnosis of vision conditions like astigmatism and corneal ectasia. This supports practitioners in assessing risks and facilitating timely interventions, which are critical for visual development in children. Dr. Jason Lau, the Technical Director at GOOD Vision, said, "At GOOD Vision, we're setting new standards in eye care with K-ShapeTM. Based on our extensive study of over 900 Chinese children, our topographer is set to advance corneal reshaping, ensuring early intervention and personalised patient care. Our research revealed key insights into astigmatism and its broader impact, driving us to develop a tool that detects early corneal changes for prompt treatment, essential for healthy vision. As optometrists are in short supply globally, K-ShapeTM offers a way for practitioners to deliver precise, efficient care, particularly in early childhood screenings and clinical practice. Our diverse team, spanning university researchers to engineers, has worked tirelessly to bring K-ShapeTM from concept to market. We proudly showcase this game-changing technology at the International Exhibition of Inventions of Geneva." K-ShapeTM incorporates advanced AI algorithms to swiftly and accurately identify corneal irregularities, ensuring precise image capture and facilitating on-the-spot data analysis. This AI integration increases efficiency in eye examinations and streamlines the workflow in clinical settings. By leveraging a proprietary normative database informed by extensive research on Hong Kong-based Chinese children, K-ShapeTM offers substantial insights into typical corneal astigmatism patterns within this demographic. This data underpins the development of a more accurate and tailored management approach for visual development from a young age. The debut of GOOD Vision's corneal topographer marks a transformative moment in the industry, significantly enhancing practitioners' ability to deliver personalised care. GOOD Vision invites attendees to visit their booth at The International Exhibition of Inventions of Geneva to experience first-hand the future of corneal topography. For additional details about GOOD Vision and their innovative offerings, please visit

 Hashtag: #GOODvision #astigmatism #healthcare #eyecare #optometrist #eyecarepractitioner #ophthalmologist #conealtopographer #geneva  The issuer is solely responsible for the content of this announcement. GOOD Vision Technologies Co., Limited GOOD Vision is a Hong Kong-based startup dedicated to advancing the field of corneal reshaping technologies. With a focus on innovation, efficiency, and affordability, the company develops innovative solutions to empower eye practitioners and enhance the quality of eye care worldwide. — (Web Info)

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